Upon Why I Missed that Constellation Lecture


UCU, Unison, and other unions’ staff members were on strike on the 6th February. As someone who was raised never to cross a picket line, I stood with the members of staff, rather than go to constellation that day. It was an eye opening experience to say the least. I’ve been to many protests and pickets in my life, sometimes alone,  sometimes with friends, and sometimes with family, but never have I experienced one like that. For starters, the SU hadn’t organised anything in defence of our university staff. I went to their office to find out why, and they told me it was because they were not members of the UCU or the NUS. They ARE still a students union though, and regardless of whether or not they are members of the NUS, they should have a position of support for the staff of our university. Frankly, their position is a weak one, and in disappointed that they have done nothing to bring the students together to support the people who support us.

I missed a lecture, but the cost of not supporting our staff is so much higher than that.



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